Any device problems?

Any device problems?

We offer the best service for a list of different devices you may have a problem with or has broken, from fixing phone screens to hardware problems on a desktop computer and everything in between. We care about providing the best service we can and be able to help even the smallest of jobs! That's why we have technicians who can fix most devices from phones to iPads, to laptops etc. We have a technician who will be able to fix your problem as we are always learning and taking the time to keep ourselves up to date on the slightest of changes with technology so we will always know how to help you. 

If you have a problem with a device you can always call our office where one of our two receptionists will be on hand to help you log the job as best as possible so when a technician becomes free then they have most of the information already to diagnose what's wrong and be able to start fixing it straight away for you, whether they have to make an on-site visit or if they can do it from their computer through remote access. Logging it just gives them more information on what's the problem before calling you to check on little details and to tell you what it is they will be doing to fix it. 

If you have any questions don't be afraid to contact us on:   


01472 426444