Phone repairs

Screen Replacements!

Phones are an everyday part of our lives and we understand how important they are whether it's from checking your work email on your phone or it's checking Facebook on your time off. We also understand how they play a crucial part to staying in contact with work colleagues or family members and how important phones are to our everyday lives. Which is why are here to help when one day your phone decides to stop working! Whether it be a broken screen or a software issue! We have all the right tools in fixing it back up so you can go back to living a normal life with your phone soon! 

With screen replacement, we offer quite cheap prices starting at just £45 and that includes iPhones! As well as fixing iPhone screens we also can replace the screen on iPads too this time starting at just £50 which means that it's one of the cheapest places in the area to get your screen replaced that will offer trustworthy service.

When we fix phones we take extra care with making sure everything is just how you want it to be and we will never do anything to your phone and it's software or screen without you knowing. To us, customer satisfaction is very important and if you are unhappy with a service we can take it back and do it again until its perfect for you and back to the way you like it again! 

So if you need a screen replacement or need some software to be fixed you can find our contact details below: 

If you need help feel free to ring us on 0800 612 7383 or 01472 426444

Alternatively, we can be reached at